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BANBALOO- Anti-Fall Safety Barrier for Adult or Elderly Bed/Portable Non-Slip Foam Rail, for Double Beds, Foldable and Articulated.

BANBALOO- Anti-Fall Safety Barrier for Adult or Elderly Bed/Portable Non-Slip Foam Rail, for Double Beds, Foldable and Articulated.

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Color: White


  • SAFETY: The Banbaloo senior barrier, tested in several geriatric centers, makes the person feel safe, protected and much more free than with the uncomfortable traditional bars. The person will not feel caged and will avoid unexpected bumps or falls from the bed.
  • DESIGN: The design of the Banbaloo semi-cylindrical cushion is intended for all types of single beds, double beds and trundle beds, regardless of the size and thickness of the mattresses. Its measures: 52,70x7,5x4,7inch, are the ideal ones to fulfill its function. It has the ideal height to place it in the lower part of the bed and to be able to support the feet in rise to improve problems of circulation pains and overload.
  • COMFORT: The effectiveness of the fence lies in the good support between the fitted sheet and the mattress, something that no other type of crescent-shaped cushions and pillows allow. This is achieved thanks to its double anti-slip system. Its soft touch avoids knocks or scratches to people with nervous or psychomotor problems or with some kind of handicap.
  • USE: The installation of the rail is very easy and fast. It comes with a hypoallergenic and waterproof cover to avoid small contingencies, the cover is removable and machine washable.
  • PORTABLE: You will find it very practical to travel with the protector comfortably and not have to carry the heavy and bulky traditional barriers.

Binding: Kitchen & Home

Details: The Banbaloo barrier is the first specialized anti-fall security system in which the person is not caged like traditional metal bed bars. The foam railing was invented in the United States, where it is already number one in sales. Its effectiveness is based on the "Principle of Passive Safety", which is that when you notice the soft touch of our handrail subconsciously triggers the natural response, letting us know that we are close to the danger and that we must move away, as the brain is able to perceive the change of texture of the bed and throw a small alarm signal while we sleep. The elderly or person with difficulties will rest more comfortably and safely, as it will avoid possible shocks, being protected from hinges, joints and metals that old systems have. It is the first breakthrough in bed railings in the last four decades, and the Banbaloo design (unique in Europe) has the perfect dimensions for maximum efficiency. It is ideal for 90 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, nest, folding and articulated beds.

EAN: 0703158223405

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches

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